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    SENFENG USA is Exerting Influence on Local Customers

    In 2014, SENFENG set up a subsidiary in Los Angeles, California, USA, with sales network and after-sales service covering the entire North and South American regions, which is mainly dedicated to providing comprehensive metalworking solutions like laser cutting, welding, cleaning, cladding and bending for local and surrounding customers.

Country of sale

California, USA

Time of purchase

Apr. 2024

Specific model

3015HM Series Fully-enclosed Sheet & Tube Laser Cutting Machine

Customer Profile

The customer, based in California, USA, is mainly engaged in the manufacturing of metal packaging containers. In its total amount of work, sheet and tube cutting account for about 80% and 20% respectively. This customer has traditionally used traditional turning processes, often requiring multiple sets of machines in the meantime to meet the given demands. This not only results in high production costs but also requires a large working space.

Pain Points

With the increasingly fierce market competition, traditional metalworking modes are no longer able to satisfy the terminal customers in terms of cutting precision and speed. Therefore, the customer is in urgent need of some new machinery to get efficiency gains and make himself more competitive.

Why Choose SENFENG

The main reason lies in the brand popularity of SENFENG (USA) Subsidiary in California. In addition, compared with other brands of same type, our products are usually outfitted with the higher configurations but at more preferential price. Additionally, our sales engineer had visited the customer in person over and over again, paying attention to every small request raised by the customer during their talks and making efforts to solve problems, which gives full expression to SENFENG's customer-first idea.

Our Solutions

In view of the customer's actual demands, we ultimately recommended the most suitable sheet & tube laser cutting machine to him. After final delivery and put into production, its advanced technology had helped to addressed those long-standing problems plaguing the customer, increasing his production efficiency by 3 times. Moreover, our one machine can replace other multiple devices, causing the significant optimization in floor space and workshop utilization.

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