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    SENFENG's First 40kW Laser Cutting Machine Got into Japanese Market

    In 2022, SENFENG launched its first 40kW sheet laser cutting machine and soon received a purchase order from a Japanese regular customer. It is a sign that high- even ultra-high power laser cutting machine is increasingly accepted by oversea customers.

Country of sale


Specific model

H12025 Ultra-high Power Sheet Laser Cutting Machine

Time of purchase


Customer industry

Automobile and sales of related products

Customer Profile

W Group is a comprehensive company specializing in car repair & maintenance, manufacturing of related machinery and tools, as well as import and sales of related businesses. A few years ago, it purchased a 6kW laser cutting machine from us. At the crossing of industry transformation and upgrading, W still decided to cooperate with SENFENG after serious deliberation.

Pain Points

Because of its recent business expansion, W was badly in need of cutting some ultra-long (10000mm at most) and super-thick (45mm and above) metal sheets and very demanding on working area and cutting precision. But, its current low-power laser cutting machines and other traditional devices were unable to support its new needs.

Our Solutions

After adequate communication with its contact person, we recommended H12025. It is easy for this 40kW machine to cut 50mm thick sheet stably and 100mm sheet at extreme. With standard working area of 12025*2530mm, this model was exactly up to W's new standards. In addition, its laser generator, with small fiber core, stands out in punching thick sheet and electro-optical conversion rate (>40%), saving much electricity for users in daily work.

Customer Feedback

During our return visit a few months later, W's CEO said that, this new machine has solved our problem of cutting thick sheets. The daily production output is increased a lot, and we have the ability to finish our daily work easily. Thanks to an excess of production capacity, we now have confidence to take more orders!

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