Robot Laser Cladding Machine



Laser power



Robot load



Max length of workpiece



Max load of rotary table



Warranty period

Industrial Design

The machine is mainly composed of robot, rotary table, positioner, laser generator, cladding head and man-machine control system. This open-structured model presents its whole cladding process.

Competitive Strengths

Full Automation to Stabilize Cladding Quality

FANUC six-axis industrial robot is outfitted to enlarge operating radius. Its offline programming software is also available to optimize work plans and run cycle in advance, answering the call of cladding all sorts of large and special-shaped workpieces.

  1. Arm span: 1831mm
  2. Loading capacity: 25kg
  3. Stroke of walking axis: 6000mm
  4. Repositioning accuracy: ±0.02mm

High Fit Degree Thanks to Self-developed Product

This industrial cladding head is fully-enclosed and module-based to prevent dust pollution and realize free collocation, that is, users are allowed to use different optical lens and modules to output laser spots of different sizes according to actual demands.

  1. Laser transmittance≥99.5%
  2. Integrated water cooling structure
  3. Straight or curved laser path
  4. Circular or strip-type laser spot

Keep Work Going With Powder Feeding

The self-developed dual-cylinder pneumatic powder feeder conveys powder with carrier gas. Its built-in pneumatic circuit can make sure of powder conveying effects, concentration and utilization.

  1. Smart touch screen
  2. Powder heating and mixing
  3. Powder shortage alarm

Heavy Machine Body for Stable Work

Horizontal rotary table is made of high-strength cast iron. During cladding, its spindle rotates quickly at speed of 110rpm. With carrier roller, the loading capacity will be quintupled to clad ultra-large and extra-heavy workpiece.

  1. Loading capacity: 3-15t
  2. Max length of workpiece: 6000mm

Come Standard With

Bus-based control system
Dual-axis servo positioner
Dual-cylinder pneumatic powder feeder
Annular high-speed cladding nozzle
Powder distributor
1 set of water chiller
Self-developed laser generator
On-site installation and training for free
1-year warranty period

Technical Parameters

  • SFR6063

Laser Power


Cladding Thickness


Max Length of Workpiece


Load of Rotary Table


Max Clamping Workpiece


Max Rotating Workpiece


Powder Size


Max Powder Feeding Speed


Powder Feeding Error



Three-phase 380V, 50Hz/60Hz
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Practical Application

Laser cladding has gradually grabbed market share of traditional modes like chrome plating and thermal spraying as a new surface repairing craft. It is regarded as irreplaceable especially when repairing some important mechanical parts.

Workpiece Shapes

Planar surface、Axial surface、Curved surface、Spherical surface、Other special-shaped surfaces

Powder Types

Self-fluxing alloyed powder、Ceramic powder、Composite powder、Other metal powders

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