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Industrial robot



Dual-cylinder power feeder



Max power feeding speed



Warranty period

Industrial Design

This model is based on a 6-axis industrial robot, which is composed of robot-assisted cladding system, laser generator, voltage stabilizer and water chiller. It is highly integrated and covers a small footprint.

Competitive Strengths

Automatic Robot-assisted Cladding

The 6-axis linkage robot is mounted on a travelling cart, supporting users' demands of cladding on the spot. Its lifting support helps to keep the robot stable and cladding precision high after being immobilized.

  1. Max robot: 25kg
  2. Coverage area: 1831mm
  3. Repositioning accuracy: ±0.02mm

Various Kinds of Cladding Crafts

Our self-developed high-speed laser cladding head is compatible with annular, four-way, three-way or paraxial power feeding nozzle to offer various cladding crafts. That is why users tend to get more choices.

  1. High-speed laser cladding
  2. Coaxial powder-fed laser cladding
  3. Paraxial powder-fed laser cladding

Dual-cylinder Pneumatic Powder Feeder

It is driven by smart control system and servo motor, just for stable powder feeding. With double transparent powder cylinders and powder mix, you can visually observe powder residual, mix powders and avoid possible blockage.

  1. Volume of single cylinder: 2.5L
  2. Max feeding speed: 150g/min
  3. Powder size: 20-300um

All for High Cladding Quality

To render high-quality automatic cladding service to all users, we insist on technical R&D and take well-targeted steps in core components.

  1. Multi-protected laser cladding head
  2. Make laser cladding much safer
  3. 600μm laser generator
  4. Low power consumption, high-quality laser beam
  5. Specially structured power feeder
  6. Minimize power feeding amount's effect on cladding precision
  7. Special voltage stabilizer
  8. Keep voltage stable and work for a long time

Come Standard With

6-axis linkage industrial robot+control cabinet
Dual-cylinder pneumatic powder feeder
High-speed laser cladding head
CW/pulsed laser generator
1 set of voltage stabilizer
1 set of water chiller

Technical Parameters

  • SFMR02

Laser Power


Max Road of Robot


Coverage Area of Robot


Laser Spot Size


Fiber Core Diameter


Powder Size


Max Powder Feeding Speed


Powder Feeding Error



Three-phase 380V, 50Hz/60Hz


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Practical Application

Considering that a robot fills in for workers, the machine is highly optimized for general use at high degree of automation. It is easy for this multi-purpose model to clad workpieces with both simple and complex-shaped surface.

Workpiece Shapes

Planar surface、Axial surface、Curved surface、Spherical surface、Other special-shaped surfaces

Powder Types

Self-fluxing alloyed powder、Ceramic powder、Composite powder、Other metal powders

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