Full Cover Metal Deposition machine



Laser power



Workpiece diameter



Max length of workpiece



Max load of rotary table



Warranty period

Industrial Design

The machine is fully-enclosed and module-based. It is made of base, rotating spindle head, tailstock, stand column, beam, laser generator, pneumatic powder feeder, high-speed laser cladding head and control system.

Competitive Strengths

New Technology for Metal Surface Modification

With laser cladding, the used parts can be totally refreshed because of highly-dense crack-free coating. The substrate becomes more resistant to abrasion, corrosion, oxidization and high temperature. As for service life, it is 5 times longer than others.

  1. Metallurgical bonding
  2. Physical bonding

Fully-enclosed Structure

At work, both cladding dust diffusion and worker intrusion will be prevented, causing no needless shutdown. Dust removal interfaces are usually reserved to keep your working area clean.

  1. Easy to use and maintain
  2. Multiple doors available
  3. Long service life
  4. Inside parts are free from outside pollution
  5. High degree of safety
  6. Protect both man and machine

Work at High Speed and Stability

The multi-purpose laser cladding head is outfitted with multi-layered protective lens, water cooling, real-time temperature monitoring and inter-supercharge gas circuit, so that it always works in a stable environment.

  1. Water and dust resistance
  2. Spatter and pollution resistance
  3. No burnout of cladding head

Keep Work Going With Powder Feeding

The self-developed dual-cylinder pneumatic powder feeder is specially designed to minimize powder feeding amount's effect on cladding precision.

  1. Intelligent control system
  2. Enable remote control
  3. Servo motor driven
  4. Keep powder feeding stable and precise
  5. Double transparent powder cylinders
  6. Visually observe powder residual
  7. Automatic powder mixing
  8. Mix powders together, avoid possible blockage

Come Standard With

Intelligent control system
Dual-cylinder pneumatic powder feeder
High-speed laser cladding head
Voltage stabilizer
6kW CW laser generator
1-year warranty period

Technical Parameters

  • SFHS3050

Laser Power


Max Length of Workpiece


Load of Rotary Table


Max Clamping Workpiece


Max Rotating Workpiece


Powder Size


Max Powder Feeding Speed


Powder Feeding Error



Three-phase 380V, 50Hz/60Hz


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Practical Application

This model is marked by high efficiency, low costs but eco-friendly effects. Its cladding layer is superior to that of electroplating and other methods in terms of dilution rate and bonding strength. Hope to serve customers from coal mining, machinery production, printing, food and related industries.

Workpiece Shapes

Planar surface、Axial surface、Curved surface、Spherical surface、Other special-shaped surfaces

Powder Types

Self-fluxing alloyed powder、Ceramic powder、Composite powder、Other metal powders

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