• Kitchenware industry

    A Turkish Customer's First Attempt at Flexible Panel Bender

    As workers are declining in number at home and abroad and labor costs are accordingly rising in metalworking factories, especially labor-intensive industries like commercial & household kitchenware and office furniture. Given this, they care more about cost performance and intend to enjoy entirely different machines and services at relatively low costs while purchasing new equipment.

Country of sale


Specific model

BDC2000 Flexible Push-down Panel Bender

Time of purchase

Sept. 2023

Customer industry

Kitchenware and relevant products

Customer Profile

The customer's company, founded in 1980s has worked in kitchenware industry for years. Its products are mainly sold to western Asia and some European countries. With at least 7 traditional CNC bending machines before, the company has rich operating experience in bending.

Pain Points

To open up European and Asian markets further and get more shares on world market, the customer tries to sharpen its competitive edges through quality and efficiency improvement and labor costs reduction. For that reason, it decides to make an attempt to use our new flexible panel bender after plentiful market survey.

Our Solutions

The panel bender has totally changed the traditional bending pattern, which has 5 benefits below:
Large-sized Sheet: 
Bend 2000*1250mm (L*W) sheet
Long Lifetime: 
Millions of bends in total
Fast Speed: 
0.2s/bend, 3 times faster than traditional bending machines
Good Quality: 
Push-down arm to create high degree of automation, less manual intervention and high consistency among workpieces.
Save Labor and Bending Tools: 
Only need a set of universal bending tools, no frequent change. 1 worker can control multiple machines at the same time.

Customer Feedback

When signing contract, the customer's purchasing manager said that, the reason why we choose SENFENG is that it has high brand awareness in Turkey and its selling price is within our budget in addition to high matching (66.7%) between our workpieces and its panel bender. Until now, this new machine has been put into operation in the customer's factory. On the first day, it enhanced work efficiency by nearly 50%. We believe this customer will be sure to break through its bottleneck and further expand its sales area.