Tandem CNC Bending Machine



Max bending force



Bending length



Throat depth



Width between columns



Max bending speed

Industrial Design

Two bending machines of same specifications are combined together side by side to form bilateral symmetry. With special synchronous cylinders, these two machines can work together or independently as needed.

Competitive Strengths

Easy to Bend Ultra-long Workpiece

With specially designed synchronization device, two bending machines can start work rapidly in the meantime, doubling the length of workpiece to be bent and bringing the bending into step. As thus, ultra-long sheet is easily bent at high quality.

Simple in Operation

It is equipped with popular CNC system offering simply-designed user interface to enable simple and fast numerical and graphical programming even by green hands. The built-in bending database permits the availability of bending parameters at any time.

  1. Hot-key touch navigation
  2. 10.1-inch TFT touch screen with high resolution and true color
  3. Reserve USB memory interface

Measures for Bending Precision

Deflection compensation system mobilizes wedge blocks after control system calculating compensations required, then, plays its role against the crooked or distorted upper & lower beam, hence, difference among bending sheets is minimal.

  1. Mechanical compensation
  2. Multi-group wedge blocks
  3. A number of compensation points
  4. Bare of compensation dead zone

Remain Its Shape After Years of Work

The machine body is made of Q235B steel plates. The high-precision gantry miller is put into use for one-time forming of the machine body, so as to secure its strength and stability in the large.

  1. Relieve internal stress by 600℃ annealing
  2. Key parameters within the margin of safety

Come Standard With

2 bending machines of same specifications
2 sets of standard upper and lower bending tools
Multi-axis backgauge and 4 backgauge fingers*2
On-site installation and training for free
1-year warranty period

Technical Parameters

  • BDE10032+10032

Bending Force


Bending Length


Throat Depth


Width between Columns


Open Height


Overall Dimensions



Bend:10mm/s Return:160mm/s


Three-phase 380V, 50Hz/60Hz


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Practical Application

This machine is particularly designed for ultra-long workpiece. Its application includes metal processing fields like urban construction, automobile production, expressway lamp post and power pole.

Metals Available

Stainless steel
Carbon steel
Galvanized sheet
Fluoraluminum zinc sheet
Aluminum alloy

Bending Shapes

This machine offers automatic bending and basically needs no manual intervention while it bends in right, acute, obtuse angle, and in complex shapes like arc, dead edge, U-shaped and enclosed type. In addition, bending up & down and level-up bending are also achievable.

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