Robot-assisted CNC Bending Machine



Max robotbender force



robotbender length



Throat depth



Width between columns



Max robotbender speed

Industrial Design

The machine has a classic look. In consideration of sheet metal processing features and machine design aesthetics, we perfectly balance its industrial design with practical functions. It is simple and compact in blue and white. Such design reflects well on modern industrial style we always follow.

Competitive Strengths

Full Automation in Whole Process

The industrial robot can assist in sheet robotbender, loading & unloading, adjust sheet’s live location as well as turn sheet over. These actions fully automate the whole work process.

  1. Max working radius: 2565mm
  2. Max load: 80kg
  3. Length of robot ground rack: 6m

Balance Speed and Quality Well

It can work for 24h a day because of sleepless robot. That changes traditional mode of human-assisted robotbender and remove manual effect on robotbender process, so that workpiece becomes more stable in quality and highly consistent with each other.

  1. Reduce labor intensity
  2. Enjoy efficiency gains
  3. Need much less labor costs

Special Measures for robotbender Precision

Deflection compensation system mobilizes wedge blocks after control system calculating compensations required, then, plays its role against the crooked or distorted upper & lower beam, hence, difference among robotbender sheets is minimal.

  1. Mechanical compensation
  2. Multi-group wedge blocks
  3. A number of compensation points
  4. Bare of compensation dead zone

Safe to Work

To avoid personnel casualties and needless downtime arising from bursting in workspace, we also provide safety fence to make your robotbender both safe and ceaseless.

Come Standard With

A set of industrial robot and 6m long ground rack
A set of standard upper and lower robotbender tool
On-site installation and training for free
1-year warranty period

Technical Parameters

  • BDE10032

robotbender Force


robotbender Length


Throat Depth


Width between Columns


Open Height


Overall Dimensions



Bend:10mm/s Return:160mm/s


Three-phase 380V, 50Hz/60Hz


Note: Parameters above are only for your reference, Want to know more ? Click here

Practical Application

This machine can bend in various shapes at high precision. Hence, it has been widely used in sheet metal processing fields.

Metals Available

Stainless steel
Carbon steel
Galvanized sheet
Aluminum alloy
Fluoraluminum zinc sheet

Bending Shapes

This machine offers automatic robotbender and basically needs no manual intervention while it bends in right, acute, obtuse angle, and in complex shapes like arc, dead edge, U-shaped and enclosed type. In addition, robotbender up & down and level-up robotbender are also achievable.

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