Intelligent Metal Fabrication Line



Max length of sheet coil



Max width of sheet coil



Max thickness of sheet coil



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Warranty period

Industrial Design

The whole production line is about 40m long and 10m wide, containing dozens of different devices as a carrier of SENFENG's years of R&D outcomes. In color, it remains in blue and white, which showcases both modern sense of technology and our firm brief of achieving green intelligent manufacturing.

Competitive Strengths

One-stop Production With Least of Worry

Decoiling, cutting, bending and welding run in parallel at one pace, with much less waiting time for loading and unloading, which results in one-stop production from raw materials to finished products, so as to get efficiency gains by multiple times.

Decoiling→leveling→cutting→gantry unloading→bending→welding→finished product stacking

High Automation to Free Your Hands

Several industrial robots assist in loading, unloading, bending, welding, sorting and transferring. With minimal hand operation, fully-automated production takes its shape to keep workpieces consistent with each other and put to work for 24h a day.

  1. 2 grasping robots for bending
  2. 1 welding robot
  3. 1 transfer robot
  4. Ground racks to enlarge scope of work

Flexible Production and Fast Response

All devices, under unified control of operating system, can respond to ever-changing demands in the blink of an eye. In case of rush order or demand changes, programming will be accordingly changed to cope with such emergency.

  1. High-mix, low-volume production
  2. Easy to cater to specific customers
  3. Minimize inventory of finished products
  4. Lean manufacturing and management

Safety Precautions for Minimal Downtime

Photographic devices are outfitted to cover the whole production and monitor real-time status. As thus, workers will be informed of work progress even when standing in front of control console.

  1. 3 sets of photographic devices
  2. Automatic visual tracking of welding seams

Options and Accessories to Release Your Potentials

To support special demands of users, we offer options and accessories as follows at little additional costs to serve you with custom-made configurations.

  1. Film lamination
  2. Prevent metal surface from scratch after leveling
  3. Inkjet coding
  4. Make special tags for fast recognition, to wipe out fake products
  5. Safety fence/laser grating
  6. Protect both man and machine by warding off accidents
  7. Self-developed sheet coil nesting software
  8. Nest and typeset in full volume to minimize waste

Come Standard With

Decoiling, cutting and leveling assembly line
1 automated bending unit
On-site installation and training for free
Gantry-type unloading and stacking device
Ground rack+ grasping robot
Ground rack+dual-station switchable welding robot
Ground rack+ transfer robot
1 automated welding unit
1-year warranty period

Practical Application

This production line is specially engineered for thin sheet coils. Due to its large in size, it is well-suited to enterprises with considerable economic strength, large workshops and wishing to enjoy large-scale flow production line.

Cutting Metals

Carbon steel
Stainless steel
AL alloy
Red copper
Galvanized sheet
Silicon steel sheet
Electrolytic sheet
Titanium alloy
Manganese alloy

Bending Shapes

Welding Styles

Spot welding, Stitch welding, Splice welding, Fillet welding, Overlap welding, Vertical welding

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