Coiled Sheet Laser Cutting Machine



Laser power



Max working area



Thickness of sheet coil



Max weight of sheet coil



Warranty period

Industrial Design

Combining decoiling, leveling, feeding and cutting together, this machine has developed into a one-stop production line from mere cutting and a sharp weapon to dispel your worry about cutting thin sheet coils.

Competitive Strengths

Win at the Very Start

With this machine, users will give up cut-to-length steel plates, but purchase its upstream sheet coils directly which permit further flexible clipping. In view of price difference of thousands of yuan between them, costs of purchase can be sharply reduced especially during long-term use.

  1. Sheet coils at low cost
  2. Cut-to-length steel plates at high price

Higher Efficiency at Lower Costs

In function, this model is equal to one decoiler, leveler, plate shearer, punch press and laser cutting machine, saving a great of deal. Cutting is in sync with feeding, for non-stop work. One worker controls more than one machines in the meantime, requiring less labor costs and intensity.

  1. All-automatic assembly line
  2. Loading→decoiling→leveling→feeding→cutting→unloading
  3. Efficiency gains by 30% at least
  4. 0 waste as much as possible

Low Reject Ratio and High Utilization

The automatic decoiling & leveling device can relieve most internal stress and wrinkles of sheet coils to secure high flatness and enable burr- & scratch-free cutting. As thus, material loss is greatly reduced and utilization is improved.

  1. Leveling accuracy: ±1.5mm/m²
  2. Max weight of sheet coil: 10T

Enjoy Flexible Production

Based on industrial bus communication protocol, its control system can respond to ever-changing demands at any time. You just need to import new requests, instead of changing hardware structure. It is easy to handle with rush orders.

Further Release Your Potentials

  1. Tightening sleeves
  2. Enlarge inner diameter of sheet coil to φ610mm from φ508mm
  3. Film lamination
  4. Prevent metal surface from scratch after leveling
  5. Safety grating
  6. Protect both man and machine by warding off accidents
  7. Self-made nesting software
  8. Nest and typeset in full volume to minimize waste
  9. Special Note: Four functions above are optional for users.

Come Standard With

1 feeding trolley
1 decoiler
1 leveling & feeding unit
1 sheet positioning and correction device
Multiple sets of safety monitoring devices
2-year warranty period

Technical Parameters

  • SF1502CH

Laser Power


Size of Sheet Coil


Max Inner and Outer Diameter of Sheet Coil


Weight of Sheet Coil


Max Feeding Speed


Leveling Accuracy


Working Area


X/Y-axis Positioning Accuracy


X/Y-axis Repositioning Accuracy


Overall Dimensions



Three-phase 380V, 50Hz/60Hz


Note: Parameters above are only for your reference, Want to know more ? Click here

Practical Application

With four functions together, the machine breaks through traditional patterns. Both mass and high-mix low-volume work are available. It can be called as an edge tool for labor-intensive industries.

Cutting Metals

Carbon steel
Stainless steel
AL alloy
Red copper
Galvanized sheet
Silicon steel sheet
Electrolytic sheet
Titanium alloy
Manganese alloy

Materials Exclusion

Other non-metals

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