Aluminum Sheet Coil Laser Blanking Line



Laser power



Working area



Thickness of sheet coil



Max weight of sheet coil



Warranty period

Industrial Design

This assembly line is full automatic from loading, decoiling, leveling, feeding, cutting to unloading. No manual intervention. Efficiency gains by 30% at least and 0 waste as much as possible.

Competitive Strengths

Cut Sheet Coils at Top Speed

To fulfill fast production, this model runs in couples from decoiling all the way to feeding (30m/min at most) and cutting. Work speed will be doubled to provide users with cutting experience to the extreme.

  1. Two hydraulic decoilers
  2. Two feeding trolleys
  3. Two beams
  4. Two cutting heads
  5. Two laser generators

Take High-reflectivity Materials in Stride

We adopt new laser generators that feature multi-stage safety and high-reflectivity protection modules. Hence, laser cutting heads will be faced with less laser reflection while cutting AL and other high-reflectivity materials.

  1. Anti-back-reflection design
  2. Fit to AL and other non-ferrous metals

Industrial Robots for Labor-saving Unloading

Compared with regular trussed take-out device, these robots have the wider scope of work when they take out finished products from blanking platform and put on positioning palletizer. To remove error, positioning device has got ready for tidying up the finished products.

  1. 2 industrial robots
  2. 2 positioning palletizers

Spend Less on Raw Materials

Users will spend less to buy upstream sheet coils compared with cut-to-length steel plates. So, it is easy to clip sheet coils according to actual demands at will and need much less costs of purchase.

  1. Low-priced sheet coils
  2. High-priced cut-to-length steel plates

Put Work Safety First

The laser cutting machine is designed as full-enclosed to prevent smoke diffusion and worker intrusion by mistake. In machine tool, zoning ventilation can synchronize cutting and smoke exhaust to keep your workshop clean.

  1. 3 sets of security monitoring cameras
  2. Intelligent safety fence (optional)
  3. Filming function to prevent surface pollution (optional)

Come Standard With

2 hydraulic feeding trolleys (20T)
2 decoilers (20T)
1 sheet positioning and correction device
1 laser cutting machine with two beams
2 sets of unloading robots
3 sets of security monitoring devices

Technical Parameters

  • SF1803CLH

Laser Power


Size of Sheet Coil


Thickness of Sheet Coil


Weight of Sheet Coil


Max Inner and Outer Diameter of Sheet Coil


Max Feeding Speed


Leveling Accuracy


X/Y-axis Positioning Accuracy


X/Y-axis Repositioning Accuracy



Three-phase 380V, 50Hz/60Hz
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Practical Application

Although the line is aimed at AL and other non-ferrous metals, other normal metals are also within its work scope. With full digitization, automation and damage-free blanking effects, it is highly favored by domestic and foreign markets.

Cutting Metals

Carbon steel
Stainless steel
AL alloy
Red copper
Galvanized sheet
Silicon steel sheet
Electrolytic sheet
Titanium alloy
Manganese alloy

Materials Exclusion

Other non-metals

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