Do you want to cut metal sheets or metal tubes?On this page you can find various metal laser cutter,fiber laser cutting machine,steel laser cutting machine,laser cleaning machine,laser welder machine,etc.These metal laser cutters are available for 2D/3D metal cutting ,which are equipped with fiber laser,more faster and precise than co2 and plasma cutting machines. And about the fiber laser cutter price,fiber laser cutting machine price,feel free to send inquiry to us ,sales manager will give you feedback asap.

Full Cover Fiber Laser Cutting Machine SF3015H Series
steel sheet fiber laser cutter
Safety,Environmental-Full cover 
High Efficiency-Exchange table
High power-1.5KW to 36KW

CNC Pipe Laser Cutting Machine SF6020T
metal tube cutting machine
Automatic loading and unloading
1.Tube length:6000mm 
2.Diameter: Circular tube :φ20~φ200 
Square tube :20x20~140x140 
Rectangular tube:20x20 and maximum circumcircle diameter 200mm 
3.Laser power- 1KW-4KW

Handheld Fiber Laser Welding Machine SF1000HWM-A
weld thin steel up to 4mm
1KW/1.5KW fiber laser
 Low cost
 High Precision

Fiber Laser Cleaning Machine SF200CL

SF200CL fiber laser cleaner is a new high-tech machine for surface cleaning.It is easy to install and operate.It can work without chemical reagent,media-dust and water.



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