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What are the benefits to become agents of SENFENG LASER ?

1 No risk,No deposit ,no agent fees.
2 There are orders continued to grow . Every year SENFNEG LASER will cost nearly 100,000 yuan for advertising costs in the network and exhibition.  
3 Professional for aser cutting machine since 2004 and high profile ,the customers  from all over the world
4 More than 100 after - sales service team who can support  customer training  on line  and  go abroad for training to customers .  
5 regional protection policies, the region where customers are diverted to when agents to protect the interests of agents.
6 To protect the interests of agents ,the local customer will be back to the local agents .

Who can be our Distributor?

1 The one has mature marketing channels.
2 The one has sales team and sales experience and ability to expand the local market
3 Make sales strategy and has the marketing plan, organizing the implementation of daily sales 
4 The one is familiar with laser machine and has business place.
5 The one has sales experience and his own customers group.
6 The one has economic power ,then can establish long term cooperative relationship. 
7 The one has good reputation.

How to be our agents?

If you want to be our agents of laser cutting engraving machine, please send email to info@sfcnclaser.com. Our Foreign Trade Director will talk with you the details ,Welcome to be our agents.









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