Ultra Heavy Four-chuck Tube Laser Cutter



Max laser power



Max length of tube



Max size of tube



Max weight of tube



Warranty period

Industrial Design

With regards to machine appearance, user's easy operation is put in the first place. To fit for heavy tubes, we offer special side-attached machine tool as well as auto loading & unloading devices. That is why this machine covers a relatively large area.

Competitive Strengths

Four Chucks, Zero Tailing

Thanks to totally-enclosed gear driven structure, these chucks can adjust its large and stable clamping force in real time. Heavy tube will not loosen or slip and long tube will be cut as a whole because of chucks' direction reversing and various clamping modes.

  1. Pneumatic self-centering chucks
  2. Auto obstacle avoidance
  3. Easy to clamp special-shaped tubes and profiles
  4. 0 Tailing to maximize material utilization

Stand out in Cutting Ability

This well-configured machine is specially engineered for heavy-duty tubes. Its laser power reaches up to 20kW, multiplying tube thickness and cutting speed compared with machines below 10kW.

  1. Large-caliber tube
  2. Max tube size: 560mm
  3. Extra-heavy tube
  4. Max weight of tube: 1500kg
  5. Ultra-long tube
  6. Max length of tube: 12000mm

Auto Loading & Unloading for Easy Work

Loading & unloading devices are servo-controlled to adjust tube supporting height and making tube and chucks center coaxial based on tube diameter. No rigid impact on machine body while cutting heavy tubes.

  1. Handle 12m long tube as a whole
  2. Follow-up supports for no tube sagging
  3. Sectional structure to fit for tubes of different lengths

Side-attached Machine Tool

It is designed as triangular, with high stability, large load capacity and good vibration reducing performance. Through fine welding, annealing stress relief, secondary aging treatment, as well as precision finishing, it will be full of high rigidity and long service life.

  1. Three-section structure
  2. Splicing together for easy replacement of damaged parts
  3. Coaxial treatment
  4. Work in step to ensure high precision
  5. Lifting holes
  6. Facilitate to move and save transport costs

Cut ±45° Bevel as Optional Function

To precisely cut tubes, autofocus cutting head takes accurate control of its swing angle. Under real-time monitoring, its gas flow output can gather on metal surface after rectification. In this way, cutting section gets much better to get ready for seamless welding.

  1. Auto obstacle avoidance to lessen return to depot
  2. More jam-proof thanks to stable capacitance

Come Standard With

Intelligent bus-based CNC system
Automatic nesting software
Four pneumatic chucks
Auto loading & unloading devices
Laser generator with 75μm fiber core
2-year warranty period

Technical Parameters

  • SF12056HT

Laser Power


Max Length of Tube


Scope of Tube Size(Round tube)

Φ80~180 (6m)/Φ180~560 (12m)

Scope of Tube Size(Square tube)

□80*80~180*180 (6m) /□180*180~395*395 (12m)

Max Weight of Tube


X/Y-axis Positioning Accuracy


X/Y-axis Repositioning Accuracy


Max No-load Speed


Max Rotating Speed of Chucks



Three-phase 380V, 50Hz/60Hz (custom-made)


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Practical Application

Considering that HT is born for cutting large, heavy and long tubes, we tend to recommend it to heavy industries requiring large-sized equipment like engineering, heavy and construction machinery.

Tube Shapes Available

Materials Exclusion

Other non-metals

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