Space Saver Fiber Laser Metal Sheet Cutter



Laser power



Max sheet size



Max no-load speed



Max load of platforms



Warranty period

Industrial Design

To spend less on oversea transport, we have recently refined container stuffing plans. Two 3015H can be put in one 40HQ standard container when sheet metals and beam are not torn down. So, our loading will be at lower costs but higher efficiency.

Competitive Strengths

Lightning-fast Cutting of Thin Sheet

In our self-developed CNC system, the fly cutting, obstacle avoidance at idling as well as leapfrog of cutting head are provided. In addition to instant response, it also balances intelligence, efficiency and safety well.

  1. Max thickness of sheet: 20mm
  2. Max cutting speed: 55m/min

Protect Both Man and Machine

With safety monitoring system, users will command a panoramic view of whole work process. Blind area is minimized and workers are ideally protected. Cutting becomes more safe and stable.

  1. Large-sized display screen
  2. 720° all-round safety monitoring

Stand Out in Dynamic Performance

The beam is made of aviation-grade AL alloy withstanding extrusion forming, quenching thermal aging and finish machining. It gets lighter in weight, higher in rigidity and toughness. Owing to finite element analysis, ideal dynamic performance can coexist with fast moving.

  1. Max no-load speed: 130m/min
  2. Max acceleration: 1G

Speed up Your Production

On double exchange platforms, the cutting, loading and unloading run in parallel. With that, waiting time for loading or unloading will be greatly reduced to link up with following procedures. So, work speed will be multiplied.

  1. Redouble your workspace
  2. Make cutting efficiency faster
  3. Carry more loads

Fast to Remove Smoke and Dust

To enable smoke-free effects, intelligent negative-pressure dust removal system works with bottom U-shaped sealing structure to control air vents according to cutting position in real time.

  1. Intelligent spiral negative-pressure dust removal
  2. Keep constant temperature and humidity

Come Standard With

Self-developed lightning-fast CNC system
Autofocus laser cutting head
High-strength aviation-grade AL beam
Precision welding machine tool
Self-developed laser generator
2-year warranty period

Technical Parameters

  • SF3015H

Laser Power


Working Area


X/Y-axis Positioning Accuracy


X/Y-axis Repositioning Accuracy


Max No-load Speed


Max Load of Platforms


Overall Dimensions



Three-phase 380V, 50Hz/60Hz


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Practical Application

This is a classic model in SENFENG. After technical upgrades, the machine (3rd generation) has been outfitted with many self-developed core components. It always keeps stable at work and is in great favor as one of best-selling machines.

Metals Available

Carbon steel
Stainless steel
AL alloy
Galvanized sheet
Silicon steel sheet
Electrolytic sheet
Titanium alloy
Manganese alloy

Materials Exclusion

Other non-metals

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