New Energy Battery Pack Assembly Line



Total capacity



Final excellent rate



Machine utilization rate



Overall dimensions



Warranty period

Industrial Design

The entire assembly line is covered by metal sheets or profiles. Its inner components are integrally-formed and key spare parts have gone through special treatment to make their rigidity and hardness high.

Competitive Strengths

High-quality Assembly Line

With accurate logistics control system and self-contained testing & assembly crafts, we apply series-parallel connection to battery module by certain rules and install protective plate/management system to form battery pack.

Compatible with:
  1. Cylindrical battery
  2. Prismatic battery
  3. Pouch battery

Assembly Automation

Lots of grippers and clamping fixtures are offered to assist in operation and make unmanned work possible in addition to the reduction of labor costs. In doing so, the whole pack line becomes highly automatic.

Dock with intelligent warehousing system to realize:
  1. Online communication
  2. Online return for repair

Customer-based Customization

Customized solutions we offer below can support various production requirements and respond to the ever-changing market needs quickly.

  1. Machining crafts
  2. Take account of customer's battery modules (cylindrical/prismatic/pouch battery)
  3. Means of delivery
  4. AGV/IGV/speed chain/roller line
  5. MES system
  6. Data upload, interaction and display available

Protect Both Man and Machine

  1. Safety light curtain
  2. Special for worker's workstation
  3. Safety guard
  4. Installed for touch screen to avoid misoperation
  5. Safety switch
  6. Apply to each door to prevent door opening at work
  7. Emergency stop button
  8. Spread over this line to disappear possible accidents

Technological Process

Pack loading and cleaning & insulating strip pasting→Installation & air-tight test for liquid cooling plate→Pack gluing→Module incasement→Module fastening→Wiring harness copper busbar installation→BMS installation→Top cover installation→Communication cover plate installation→Air-tight test for entire pack→EOL testing→Pack unloading→MES system

Technical Parameters

  • New Energy Battery Pack Assembly Line

Total capacity


Final excellent rate


Machine utilization rate


Overall dimensions


Power Supply

Three-phase 380V, 50Hz/60Hz
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Practical Application

The battery pack assembly line is hailed as the backbone of modern battery production, which has been widely used in electric vehicle (EV), energy storage system, portable electronic instrument, etc.