New Energy Battery Module Assembly Line



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Final excellent rate



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Industrial Design

This ultra-large assembly line is made of over ten kinds of different devices. It applies series-parallel connection to battery cells to form battery module after laser welding. Logistics lines are used to connect these devices together at high degree of integration.

Competitive Strengths

Address Industry-wide Puzzles

SENFENG, based on core technologies below, has produced new energy battery module to make low production automation, poor detection ability and unfavorable uniformity and stability of battery past. Battery module production and quality will be sharply improved.

  1. Mechanism modularization
  2. Robot control
  3. Welding control and quality detection
  4. Visual inspection
  5. Intelligent dynamic compensation
  6. Multi-axis motion control
  7. AGV scheduling system

Intelligent Bus-based Control System

It can show technical parameters, work order, machine state and other messages in real time. Thanks to lots of visual and high-precision sensors, all data will be detected as a whole. It is also compatible with MES intelligent manufacturing system for your smart factory.

  1. Intelligent scheduling
  2. Intelligent warehousing
  3. Intelligent data uploading
  4. Intelligent interaction

Highly Automatic Robots

This assembly line is outfitted with multiple industrial robots to fully automate its all workflows.

  1. Automatic loading & unloading robots
  2. Allow to supply materials in different ways
  3. Three-axis truss robots
  4. Stack up and destack trays of different sizes

Customer-based Customization

Our crafts vary from battery cells/modules of different beats and sizes. Work stations may also be extended as needed. As thus, well-targeted toolings are insulated, fool- and fall-proof with high degree of compatibility but short tool-to-tool time.

  1. Custom-made crafts
  2. Custom-made work stations

Technological Process

Cell loading & scanning→Cell OCV testing→Cell/end plate cleaning→Gluing or pasting→Module stacking→Module banding→Heating and standing→Dielectric voltage withstand test→Post terminal addressing→CCS installation→Busbar welding→Post-weld dust removal→Post-weld detection→EOL testing→MES system

Technical Parameters

  • New Energy Battery Module Assembly Line

Production capacity


Final excellent rate


Machine utilization rate


Welding speed


Overall dimensions


Power Supply

Three-phase 380V, 50Hz/60Hz
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Practical Application

The assembly line is special for new energy battery suppliers. On the premise of the further improvement of battery life and fast charge ability, we also highly value battery safety to protect new energy vehicle owners well.