LYCK8463 Series CNC Roll Lathe



Max diameter of workpiece



Max length of workpiece



Four-claw chuck



Rotating speed of spindle



Warranty period

Industrial Design

The machine is nice-looking and technically-mature and outfitted with reliable safety protection devices. Owing to its excellent functions, it can work continuously at high precision for a long term.

Competitive Strengths

Intelligent CNC System Special for Roll Lathe

Based on GSK-Link industrial Ethernet bus, the system comes standard with bus-based servo drive unit and motor to enable widespread use and user-friendly operation.

  1. Online setup of servo parameters
  2. Real-time monitoring of servo state
  3. User's secondary development of display interface

NC Vertical Turret

It requires much less tool-to-tool time and non-productive duration. Before delivery, the turret has gone through running test, weighting experiment, noise detection, sealed water-proof and static loading tests to keep itself stable and long-life.

  1. 4 cutter spacings
  2. Opposite-side size of cutterhead: 300mm
  3. Size of lathe cutter: 40*40mm

Cast-solid Lathe Frame

4 guide rails are used to maintain absolute stability and precision, which also ensures that the pallet can run smoothly in the entire work area. In this way, cuttings may be removed through wide exit, with no effect on guide rail precision.

  1. 2 guide rails used for turning pallet
  2. Other 2 guide rails used for tailstock, bracket or roller bracket

Come Standard With

CNC system special for roll lathe
Nice-looking and practical machine tool
Cast-solid lathe frame
Infinitely variable spindle
Tailstock with rotating spindle
NC vertical turret
Plastering mobile sliding plate
On-site installation and training for free
2-year warranty period

Technical Parameters

  • LYCK8463

Positioning Accuracy

X axis: 0.0165mm; Z axis: 0.05mm

Repositioning Accuracy

X axis: 0.006mm; Z axis: 0.013mm

Max diameter of workpiece


Max length of workpiece


Distance Between Centers


Taper Hole of Spindle

Metric #140 (taper: 1:20)

Diameter of Front Bearing Cone of Spindle


Max Output Torque of Spindle (N·m)


Rapid Moving Speed

X axis: 10mm; Z axis: 7mm

Max Stroke

X axis: 425mm; Z axis: 3000mm

Total Footprint (L*W, mm)


Power Supply

Three-phase 380V, 50Hz/60Hz (custom-made)
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Practical Application

The machine can roll into holes, excircle, roll neck and other similar spare parts. It is mainly applied to automobile production, steamship, aerospace, power generating device and other similar fields.

Metals Available

Cast steel
Forged steel
Alloy steel
Chilled cast iron
Nodular cast iron
Tungsten carbide roller ring
Large special steel

Materials Exclusion

Other non-metals

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