A Beam of Laser, A World of Possibilities

Senfeng has established R&D centers in both China and Paderborn, Germany to keep on breaking through laser-related core technologies. We are keenly aware of the reason why our products are widely sold to 180+ countries and regions is that we give top priority to technical R&D and manage to make our machines getting better from the very start.


Laser generators are compact in structure and small in size. These self-developed products have a high degree of adaptation to other core components to make certain of good processing effects. Meanwhile, due to our globe-spanning service network, it is easy and fast to repair these laser generators for all users.


Thanks to advanced optical technologies, Senfeng has developed a whole series of laser heads to cover laser cutting, welding and cladding field. No or less return to depot. So, needless downtime will be minimized.

Laser Cutting Heads

  • * Auto-focusing, automatic obstacle avoidance
  • * Fast self-cooling, mirror-like surface cutting
  • * Protect lens from pollution by using unique design
  • * Cut thin sheets at lightning-fast speed and thick sheets at high quality

Laser Welding Heads

  • * Handheld type, very light in weight
  • * Full water cooling
  • * Rich in extended modules
  • * Reasonable airflow design
  • * Well-distributed laser spots

Laser Cladding Heads

  • * Modular design
  • * Laser transmittance ratio≥99.5%
  • * Flexible conversion between straight and curved laser path
  • * Circular and strip-type laser spots available


The systems are installed easily and fast in response after easy-to-operate debugging. With content-rich cutting database internally, they can enable one-click invocation to adapt to sheets of different types and thicknesses.

User-friendly Design

  • * Large HD touch screen
  • * One-click operation with simplicity
  • * Over 10 kinds of foreign languages
  • * Ergonomically designed shape

Industrial Bus-based Protocol

  • * Simplified wiring, no worry about cabling
  • * Sharp decrease in failure rate
  • * Rapid but stable data transmission
  • * Further increase in capacity of resisting disturbance

A Range of Operating Crafts

  • * Imports of multi-format files and drawings
  • * Multi-stage piercing, fly cutting, smart typesetting
  • * Perfect finish cut, micro-joint, eccentricity compensation
  • * Co-edge cutting, corner cutting, automatic centering