Collaborative Robot-assisted Laser Welding Machine



Laser power



Collaborative robot



Wire feeding speed



Work temperature



Warranty period

Industrial Design

As for outline, this model significantly differs from others. Its room body embraces welding robot, welding head and general control cabinet (containing laser generator and robot control cabinet). Simply designed, but powerful in functions.

Competitive Strengths

Both Automatic and Handheld Welding

The robot has easy-to-learn visual interface, on which users can make drag-and-drop instruction, coordinate setting, path planning and offline programming. Man-machine collaboration may be switched as you wish. Low demands on workers.

  1. Robot load: 10kg
  2. Robot's work radius: 1350mm
  3. 360° welding
  4. Notes: We can offer a full range of robots of which load ranges from 3kg to 20kg and work radius reaches up to 1650mm.

Fully-enclosed Structure for Health and Safety

It is a room body made of AL profile and laser-proof sheets. This room can shelter from welding light, slags and other harmful substances at work, just for your clean workshop. A safety viewing window is installed on its front to showcase entire work process.

  1. Much safer
  2. Much cleaner
  3. Visual monitoring

Custom-tailored Service

Special tooling may be customized based on users' actual demands. Such high degree of fit with workpieces to be welded will make sure of work effects and satisfy users well.

4-in-1 Functions

Its welding gun takes account of four functions below after upgrades. Users may switch among them at will. With temperature sensor alarm and anti-splash structure, it will work safely.

  1. Laser welding
  2. Laser cutting
  3. Laser cleaning
  4. Weld seam cleaning

Come Standard With

Fully-enclosed structure made of AL profiles
Self-developed operating control system
1 set of industrial robot
Integrated laser welding gun
2 sets of intelligent wire feeders
Laser generator with small fiber core (20-25um)
On-site installation and training for free
1-year warranty period

Technical Parameters

  • CW

Laser Power


Laser Wavelength


Diameter of Filler Wire


Robot Max load


Robot Repositioning accuracy

±0.03 mm

Robot Work radius


Robot Coverage area



Three-phase 380V, 50Hz/60Hz (custom-made)


Note: Parameters above are only for your reference, Want to know more ? Click here

Practical Application

CW series has open-type interface to communicate with many other peripherals and set up a turnkey solution together with cutting and bending machines. Degree of automation is further improved.

Metals Available

Carbon steel
Stainless steel
AL alloy
Galvanized sheet
Cold-rolled sheet
Titanium alloy

Welding Shapes

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