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Thin Metal Laser Cutter

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Thin Metal Laser Cutter
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In the advertising industry,we need to cut many thin metal sheet. How to improve the effencity and get the perfect product?If you use plasam to cut thin metal plate,the cost is too much and the cutting effect is not good.Thin metal laser cutter can solve this problem.

Thin Metal Laser Cutter.

Senfeng thin metal laser cutter equipped with 300W fiber laser power.It can cut max 3mm carbon steel and 2mm stainless steel.This is the most used material in the advertising industry.So this machine is the most popular in this field.The cutting edge is very nice without polish again.Maybe you need to cut many graphics,such as the words and different pattern.The fiber laser cutter software can help to design.Then you can get the product. And there is no dust when you processing the plate,so the enviroment is very clean and the product is nice.The cutting speed is also the point you concerned.The thin metal laser cutter cutting speed up to 25m/min and the life over 100000 hours.

Thin metal laser cutter can bring you many convenient.if you have any requirements about this machine,please do not hesitate to contact Senfeng.The machine is ready for you!





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