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Small Fiber Laser Cutting Machine—Sheet Metal Cutter

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Small Fiber Laser Cutting Machine—Sheet Metal Cutter
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SENFENG after-sales engineer Mr.Dong have just completed the training of fiber laser cutting machines and returned from New Zealand.One of our customer bought SF1313FL fiber laser cutter last month for his metal plate process.The engineer arrived before the machine, tested the customer's workshop, installed the machine, and ensured that the machine runs smoothly.We also received a satisfactory response from the client.


Our customer usually cut stainless steel parts,and the graphic can be designed in the software.



SF1313FL fiber laser cutting machine is good for thin metal plate processing such as stainless steel,carbon steel,aluminum,copper and galvanized Sheet.The machine adopts full protective structure,safety and environmental protection.The working area is 1300mm*1300mm,it is more suitable for small-scale metal processing.

fiber laser cutting machine

No matter which model of the fiber laser cutting machine you buy,we always offer free installation and training.We will make a suitable solution according to your process requirements.

If you want to know more information about small fiber laser cutting machine,welcome to contact us.You can visit our company to test the machine and make samples.

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