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Notice When Processing a Circular Hole with Laser Cutting Machine

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Notice When Processing a Circular Hole with Laser Cutting Machine
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In recent years, with the rapid development of laser cutting machines, more and more customers have begun to use laser equipments to cut round holes. The cutting section is pretty smooth and the aperture can be changed. However, cutting a hole with a laser equipment is not as simple as you might think. So, I will analysis the problems you may encounter and the precautions.


1. The gas pressure is too large or too small. When the gas pressure is too small, the cutting edge is rough and the burning is severe. Choosing the right gas pressure is one of the reasons for solving the irregularity of the circular hole cutting.
2. Servo motor parameters.Many parameters of the servo motor are related to the circular motion. The parameters are not suitable,the x and y axes do not match, the ellipse or irregular pattern will appear in the circular hole.


3, The hole is too small.Laser cutting machine can cut 1:1 hole, the larger aperture, the better cutting. If the machine cuts the small hole with insufficient capacity , there will be irregular round holes and too many residual points.
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