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Application of Laser Pipe Cutting Machine in Bicycle Industry

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Application of Laser Pipe Cutting Machine in Bicycle Industry
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With the enhancement of people's awareness of environmental protection, many people will choose to travel by Bicycle.Everyone wants to own a bicycle with their personality.Laser pipe cutter helps you to build your own bike.

laser cutting bicycle

At present, the bicycle frame is made of metal pipe. At present, the bicycle frame is made of pipe. The tubular skeleton has two advantages, first, relatively light weight, second, the Tube has strength.Compared with the traditional cutting process, the laser pipe cutting machine has a smoother cutting section, and the pipe can be directly used for welding, which reduces the processing process of the bicycle industry.

Why use the laser pipe cutting machine to produce bicycles?Let us discuss from the following three points.

1.The tube laser cutting machine adopts the same fixture system, and the programming software completes the processing design, with high precision, smooth cutting section and no burr. 
2.Tube laser cutting machine can cut several meters of pipe in one minute,and can process various shapes.
3.The standard pipe length is 6 meters.The laser pipe cutting machine can automatically separate, calibrate, load and unload the pipe material in batches, effectively reducing the manpower cost.



The flexible processing of the laser pipe cutting machine creates a unique bicycle frame. It's the best way to batch process bicycles.

If you want to seize the opportunity in the bicycle market,welcome to contact us.We will show you more solutions about the pipe laser cutting machine.






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