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Global Launch Conference of Senfeng Laser“Fengyun System“

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Global Launch Conference of Senfeng Laser
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The global launch of Senfeng"Fengyun System"was held at the 20th Lijia International Machine Tool Exhibition.It marks the official opening of a new era of unmanned and intelligent production.Fengyun System is a SCADA system specially developed for metal plate fiber  laser cutting machine based on the characteristics of laser cutting equipment.

senfeng fengyun system

The system has three core functions of remote monitoring,diagnosis,operation,maintenance and intelligent management. It can realize remote fault diagnosis, remote unmanned processing, equipment fault history query and track query, status operation and maintenance and intelligent management. Through the "Fenyun System",the customers can complete the global maintenance accessibility about the laser cutting machine, help the enterprise to transform and upgrade,free people from traditional processing.


The most important thing is that the "Fengyun System" is based on browser (web) technology and is developed in the form of configuration. As long as there is a network, it can realize intelligent control of the  fiber laser cutting machine.The system is powerful, stable in architecture, flexible in development, and free to use. The use is not limited to the country region,the data security is reliable.

At present, "Fengyun System"has been able to meet the basic needs of customers. In the future, senfeng laser will continue to increase investment in scientific research and actively build an innovative platform.Let customers enjoy the convenience and fun of metal fiber laser cutters.

If you want to know more information about the "Fengyun System",welcome to contact us.what's more.we will also provide you more support about the fiber laser cutting machines.







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