3D 5-axis Laser Cutting Machine



Laser power



Limitless rotation






Max no-load speed



Warranty period

Industrial Design

The machine is fully-protective and has double-opening safety door. It looks relatively cuboid and occupies a small footprint. In color, the machine is dominated by blue and white, creating a sense of poise.

Competitive Strengths

Cut 3D Complex-shaped Curved Parts at High Speed

Unlike traditional crafts, this model can cut workpieces of different shape only by changing its built-in procedures, with no need to change perforating or trimming dies. In case of work in batch, workpieces will be cut repeatedly at constant quality after one-time programming.

  1. No corner overburning
  2. No sharp corner superfusion
  3. Cut into titchy holes
  4. Pierce thin sheet fleetly

High Degree of Precision

3D five-axis cutting head adopted is small in size and light in weight, with high dynamics. It can rotate from one plane to another rapidly but keep its focal spot unchanged. As thus, its cutting precision is above occupation standards.

  1. N*360° rotation
  2. ±135 ° swing
  3. Repositioning accuracy ±0.05mm

Good for Efficiency Gains

The dual-station rotary table carries workpieces to one station and then rotates for 180° flexibly to convey the finished parts outside the machine for further transfer or change.

  1. Rotary table with double stations
  2. Rotate at seconds-level speed

Put All Under Intelligent Control

We adopt a top-end 3D five-axis control system available on market to take follow-up control of cutting height, just fighting off the effect of multi-pointed and uneven 3D workpiece on cutting effects.

  1. Full-featured demonstrator
  2. Constant speed limit mode
  3. Radial compensation of curved surface
  4. Special compensation in direction of rotating axis
  5. Content-rich cutting database
  6. Restart cutting from break point
  7. Memory cache

Keep Work Safe and Eco-friendly

  1. Fully-enclosed Structure
  2. Make smoke and dust removal better
  3. Smart Light Curtain
  4. Prevent staff intrusion by mistake
  5. Interlocking Protective Door
  6. Enable interlock protection and fully-sealed work
  7. Inner Monitoring System
  8. Stay on top of the entire workflow

Come Standard With

Self-made laser generator
Gantry-type welding machine body
Marble machine base with high rigidity
1 set of water chiller and 4 sets of speed reducers
On-site installation and training for free
2-year warranty period

Technical Parameters

  • SF3015TD

Laser Power


Travel Range


X/Y-axis Positioning Accuracy


X/Y-axis Repositioning Accuracy


Max No-load Speed


Max Acceleration


A-axis Rotating Angle

± 135°

C-axis Rotating Angle


Overall Dimensions



Three-phase 380V, 50Hz/60Hz (custom-made)
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Practical Application

TD Series is specific to production demands of hot-forming metal manufacturers. Its range of applications lies in automobile, equipment manufacturing, medical devices and various mold fields.

Auto Body Panel

Roof cant rail
Door stiffener
Horizontal bracing frame
Suspension fixer
Floor tunnel
Front bumper
Tail bumper
Longitudinal carrier
Front pillar (column A)
Door sill
Center pillar (column B)

Materials Exclusion

Other non-metals